Product Manager – Data Platform

Location: Fully remote, Poland or Ukraine

On behalf of Adthena, Efisco is looking for a Product Manager (Data Platform) with working experience in Agile or Kanban methodologies to join the fully remote team on a full-time basis. We are looking for a good team player who comes from a technical background to be able work with data scientists, data engineers, or AI product developers on complex data architectures and is comfortable with diving into the details of how everything works.

About Adthena

Adthena’s mission is a world of search transparency where precise ads connect marketers to consumers. This statement is key to our ethos here at Adthena and is backed by our Whole Market View technology, a dynamic, AI-driven, data model that is unique for each advertiser, representing their entire relevant search landscape. Powered by our patented machine learning technology, Whole Market View provides the comprehensive data scope and quality required by the world’s leading advertisers to precisely assess competitive opportunities at scale across their entire market, without limitations. We index information hourly, processing over 10TB of new data, 500 million adverts and 200 million keywords across 15 different languages each day. The segmented data is presented in an intuitive format, helping digital marketers to understand their landscape and acquire more customers.

The technology has also won a number of awards for its ease of use and value added to clients including: Best Search Software Tool at the UK Search Awards 2016, Technical Innovation of the Year at the Drum Search Awards 2017, Best Search Technology of the Year at the Biddable Media Awards 2017 and Best Tech Platform at the DADI awards 2017. Adthena was founded by Ian O’Rourke and is backed by Mel Morris, the entrepreneur behind Candy Crush and former chairman of 

Things that make Adthena Unique

  • Machine-Learned Whole Market View
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Word Vector Embeddings (Word2Vec)
  • Built for Client Value and Outcomes
  • World Class Customer Success

Reasons why you should join the Adthena Data Engineering team @ Efisco

  • Startup Engineering culture
  • Good work/life integration
  • Your work is seen and touchable
  • Your input is heard and implemented
  • Vacations: Annual leave + Christmas week
  • Paid sick-leaves
  • Individual coaching programs
  • Monthly Hackdays
  • Monthly Socials and company-wide retreats (when Pandemic restrictions become easier)
  • Free Trainers when you join our team
  • Social activities to join in 
  • Huge training base

Role Description

As Senior Product Manager, you will be an integral part of the team, responsible for maintaining and growing Adthena’s underlying data platform which supports our web application and API. You will have the opportunity to drive the vision, direction, and roadmap for our big data platform in collaboration with the CTO and Technical Architects.

Joining Adthena’s Product team will give you the chance to work with the latest Machine Learning techniques using cutting edge frameworks such as Neural nets with PyTorch, NLP using Zero-shot learning and BERT, or Optimisation models that run on huge datasets with billions of data points.

The size of Athena’s datasets means that you will also be working with an experienced data team, led by published authors, to distribute and productionsie your models. You’ll be part of a fast-paced agile team, ideating, researching, inventing, developing and maintaining all ML/DL models and artificial intelligence at Adthena.

We are restlessly discovering the areas where we can make the most difference for our customers and our business. Everything we build is tied to and measured by the value and outcome it brings our customers as well as its impact on our business objectives. We are an empathetic group of Product Managers making a career out of building great software for our customers.

Figuring out what we need to build and prioritising when we build it is a core responsibility. We bring the vision and context to empower great decisions, so we focus on posing the right questions rather than dictating detailed solutions. This involves ensuring that potential risks are mitigated such as value, feasibility, usability and viability risks.


  • Responsible for the collection, quality and storage of our data including managing platform vendor/partner relationships to ensure that our platform meets both client and business expectations.
  • Responsible for the quality and scalability of the data science models that underpin our platform.
  • Define and maintain a vision and strategy for the future evolution of Adthena’s data platform in collaboration with the CTO and Technical Architects.
  • Define, maintain and deliver a data platform roadmap based on initiatives, OKRs, and the platform strategy by prioritizing the main areas of focus for the data and data science teams based on user and buyer value, business viability, and time to impact.
  • Own and maintain platform KPIs in collaboration with the Data, Data Science, and Ops teams. You’ll be expected to track and report back on the achieved business outcomes and realised customer value to the wider business.
  • Engage in user research pre and post release when needed to validate customer impact of data changes. Always represent the voice of the customer.
  • Ideate and collaborate closely with the data and data science teams in agile sprints to come up with and test innovative solutions to problems that work for our customers and our business.


  • Product Management working experience in Agile or Kanban methodologies.
  • You come from a technical background – you were an engineer or have held a technical role in the past. Applications with technical expertise acquired through degrees such as Computer Science, Electrical Engineerings and other quantitative / computational fields are encouraged to apply.
  • You are accustomed to working with data scientists, data engineers, or AI product developers on complex data architectures and are comfortable diving into the details of how everything works.
  • You are familiar with typical cloud-hosted web app architectures and with the services offered by the major public cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform).
  • You always champion the customer, market, and product vision to everyone in the building and constantly gather feedback from everyone.
  • You are the type of person who works best when given ownership and responsibility for outcomes (self-motivator). Experience working with senior management stakeholders to get shit done. 
  • Excellent oral and written English.

Technical Skills


  • Commercial Product collaboration experience with sales, marketing, customer teams.
  • B2B SaaS Product Management experience.
  • Strong knowledge of machine learning and/or predictive modelling.


  • Working knowledge of SQL and common data analytics, solutions such as Tableau or Google Data Studio to run their own data analysis.
  • Working experience in quantitative disciplines including data science, data analytics, economics, etc.  

If you are interested, please leave your detailed CV at or fill in the form below.