Gdańsk, Poland

Gdańsk, (in German Danzig) is a Polish city on the Baltic coast and is also the center of Tricity – the country’s fourth-largest metropolitan area.

Tricity or Tri-City (spelled Trójmiasto in Polish) is a metropolitan area in Poland consisting of three cities: Gdańsk, Gdynia, and Sopot, as well as minor towns in their vicinity. They are situated adjacent to one another, in a row on the coast of Gdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea, northern Poland. The Tricity metropolitan area has a population of around 1,4 million people.

Tricity has 3 National Universities and over 20 higher educational establishments offering its students wide variety of specialties in Tech, Medicine, Natural Science, Business Administration and Maritime.

The university of Gdańsk and Gdańsk Polytechnic University offers a variety of IT specialties and result in around 1000 graduates per year. 99% of all of the graduates from IT-related departments find their jobs in a large number of IT companies in Tricity and all over the Poland.

Tricity is rapidly growing IT destination in Poland and holds the 4th place on the number of IT employees after Kraków, Wrocław, and Warsaw.

As well as Kharkiv in Ukraine, Tricity is ranked as number one in Poland on the comfort of living in Poland from year to year.