Kharkiv, Ukraine

Kharkiv (sometimes spelled Kharkov and Charkov) is the second biggest city in Ukraine. Over 1,4 million people by official statistics and 2,5 million including students and non-permanent residents live in Kharkov.

The city of Kharkiv was the first capital of USSR and that determined its development during the Soviet era as the capital of industrial production in Ukraine and one of the largest centers of industry and intellectual manpower in the USSR.

Today the city of Kharkiv has 13 National Universities and 92 professional, technical and private higher education establishments, offering its students a wide range of disciplines.

Five of the National Universities offer Software Engineering or related majors. Software Engineering and related majors include extensive fundamental theoretical courses on algorithms and analysis of algorithms, data structures, data mining, cryptography and artificial intelligence which is typical for ex-USSR education and is key to the understanding of Ukrainian software developers high reputation.

  • Every year almost 30 000 students graduate from higher educational establishments in more than 360 specialties
  • Approximately 3 000 of them are IT specialties graduates
  • Over 60% of IT graduates join Software Development related jobs

In 2008 Kharkov was acknowledged as the Intellectual capital of Ukraine, and from year to year it is ranked in Top 3 of the most comfortable cities for living in Ukraine, that is why the city of Kharkiv deserves attention from IT companies from all over the world.