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Efisco provides services in the field of IT and Software Development. We help our clients with strengthening their development teams, with building MVPs as well as creating new generations of clients’ disruptive products.


Augmented Team

Integrate top engineers into your in-house team from abroad.


Managed Geeks

The managed team reports to your product owner.


360° Solution

Complete software development from start to finish.

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Efisco is Polish / Ukrainian IT Service company, run by a team of professionals with more than a hundred years of joint experience in Servicing IT businesses from all over the world. Efisco crew unite the knowledge of local IT markets and the high proficiency of our employees with the experience of working with several hundreds of customers, using developed best practices to achieve the maximum results.

We have experience in all major tech stacks

We provide complete, end-to-end solutions

Our team at Efisco strives to provide the highest quality services at the same time as being transparent and efficient. 

Trusted by global business organizations

We value the flexibility, reliability, and engagement of Efisco <...>
Benjamin Lutz
Survalyzer AG
Efisco impressed us with the soft touch, dedication, openness and transparency.
Edvard Åkerberg
Efisco team did a great job of making a new generation of ContentMap.
Tomas Hultgren
We're confident that we can trust Efisco with challenging software projects.
Brendan Elliot

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Alexandre Yakovlev
Alexandre Yakovlev CEO and Founder
Yana Shaydyuk
Yana Shaydyuk COO
Olga Zinkiewicz-Będźmirowska
Olga Zinkiewicz-Będźmirowska Legal Counsel - Poland
Yuriy Teslenko
Yuriy Teslenko CTO
Tatiana Hotvianskaya
Tatiana Hotvianskaya Lead Reacruiter