GDPR and Privacy Policy


Efisco offers Augmented teams and individuals developers for our customers. For this reason, Efisco acts as a data processor for the customer that wishes to make use of Efisco’s services. The final customer is the one that ultimately is the data controller. The candidates that choose to operate via Efisco’s services approve an agreement where they accept that their information will be processed in accordance with GDPR and that their information will be passed on to the final data controller. Efisco does not resell any personal data to anyone other than the final data controller.

What is the user agreeing to?

  • Each user accepts that their information is processed in order to use Efisco’s services.
  • The information is stored for twelve months.
    • Based on the approximate time for an engagement process.
    • After twelve months the information is automatically removed.
  • Efisco never asks clients and applicants if they want to extend the period during which the information is stored. It is always erased after twelve months, without the possibility of an extension.

Erasure of data

  • By default the information is only stored for twelve months, after that, it is automatically erased.
  • Data can be removed upon request.
  • In order to request your personal data removal, please send the request to

Handling of personal data

  • All information is stored in Efisco’s candidate and customer management system.
  • All the information is stored in a searchable register and can be removed if required by either the ultimate data controller or the person who used Efisco’s services.
  • All stored data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by people with a certain technical authorization at Efisco.
  • Details about users can only be obtained by the contact person at Efisco who is responsible for the customer relationship.