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When Jobtip was choosing a service provider, Efisco impressed us with the soft touch, dedication, openness and transparency. That was exactly what we were looking for. I've told them: " I like you guys, let's do that!" They have on-boarded our team very fast and were very supportive to make it productive. We are confident that we have made a right choice and keep our team growing.

Edvard Åkerberg
Edvard Åkerberg Jobtip, CTO
Tomas Hultgren
Tomas Hultgren ContentMap, CEO

Efisco team did a great job of making a new generation of ContentMap. They have recruited very talented Java developers for that purpose, and in 3 months we had our first installable Beta. We have been excited with the progress and continued without any hesitation. What we value the most is transparency, dedication and professionalism of Efisco team.

Efisco helped us to successfully host our existing development team and demonstrated excellent recruiting capabilities to find the right people to grow our team. We value the flexibility, reliability and engagement of Efisco and being happy to continue our successful business relationship.

Benjamin Lutz
Benjamin Lutz Survalyzer AG, CTO
Brendan Elliott
Brendan Elliott TechNeed, Founding Partner

Efisco was introduced to us as a software service provider that can get up and running on projects quickly and efficiently. They worked quickly to generate an estimate and project plan, convincing us that they were the right team for the job. In the end, we met the deadlines on budget, ensuring success for the project and our client. We're confident that we can trust Efisco with challenging software projects.

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