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Our History

Efisco was founded and is rooted in the idea that exceptional service should accompany deep connected relationships with clients in the pursuit of common goals.

That happened when Alex Yakovlev, Efisco’s founder and evangelist of a client-first approach to technology services worked as an executive at a large Eastern European software development services firm.

He experienced that fast growth and expansion lead to the loss of connection with clients he sees as so critical for the service companies. In combination with down prioritization of clients’ needs and challenges that raise the sad feeling of moving into the loose direction.

“There is something completely wrong”, Alex thought and decided to combine the experience 100+ customer’s stories with the best matching approach of human face service.

So on the rainy November 2016, Efisco was born.

Nowadays Efisco is the team of professionals, who strive to bring value to the clients, look deeper into the real needs and warn about potential threats. And our clients value that a lot!

Efisco serves well-established companies as well as start-ups which need a kick-starter to see the world. The main condition - we need to have similar values and vision.


.NET - Full Stack

Java - Full Stack

PHP - Full Stack

JavaScript - major frameworks

Our crew

CEO and founder

Alexandre Yakovlev

CEO and founder
Legal Counsel - Poland


Legal Counsel - Poland

Marina Yanovskaya


Yana Shaydyuk



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