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Efisco provides services in the field of Software Development and IT support.

We work with all the main technology stacks:



Efisco’s ability to deliver depends on the chosen Engagement model.

It is the type of cooperation with client framed with a specific scope of services and pricing options.


Efisco offers 3 engagement models:

  • Augmented Team
  • Managed Geeks
  • 360o Solutions

Efisco’s Core offering provides outside personnel alongside a core team for a specific project or ongoing basis. 

This model of cooperation can cover all the IT needs starting from Software Development and QA and ending up by content writing and call center operators.

Within the Augmented team Efisco is not limited to certain technology and is able to supply with any tech stack available on the market.

Under the Augmented team model Efisco scope of services is the following:

  • Recruitment
  • On-boarding following by HR administration
  • Client’s advisory on the best approached of working with
  • Augmented team
  • IT infrastructure
  • Finance and legal support
  • Facility management
  • On-Demand requests


This model fits the clients who have enough time, skills and experience to take care of application development themselves but temporarily suffer from a shortage of resources like developers, QA or web designers or DevOps engineers.

Efisco recruits developers on an hourly basis with a project manager assigned to manage the external team. 

Usually, Efisco is not limited in technology stack here, but with the availability of resources.

The 306° is a full-cycle project development model where we start from the basic description and push that through the product life cycle:

  • We interview the client to convert his idea into tech specification
  • We propose technology and architecture
  • Based on that, we create a quotation
  • And when signed off by the client, lead that from idea to the working app sprint by sprint.

With this engagement model, the scope of service is limited to Web and Mobile App development with PHP and JS tech stacks. (Laravel, React, React Native, Node.js., Vue.js; + Flutter and Dart)

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