Get talented resources from Poland and Ukraine in the blink of an eye


Efisco provides services in the field of IT and Software Development. We help our clients with strengthening their development teams, with building MVPs as well as creating new generations of clients’ disruptive products.

We have crafted unique client engagement models that make it easy for every company to tailoring its environment.

Engagement models

Augmented Team
Integrate top engineers into your in-house team from abroad. Remain the managing party for your development team and leave all administrative tasks for us.
Managed Geeks
The managed team is a part of your in-house team but we provide a dedicated Project Manager who reports to your Product Owner.
360 degrees solution
We start from the specifications and return your finished product by a set deadline.

Efisco Core offering is an Augmented Team. The most flexible and highly appreciated by clients type of engagement. Here clients have full control over the onboarding and actual development process and treat Efisco employees as a full-time add-on to own organization.

We easily adjust our processes and workflows to fit the specific client and his internal processes. We guide clients with the best practice and help to gain maximum performance out of the development team.

Following our clients’ preferences and requests, we have crafted 3 available payment models and may fit one or several engagement models.

Payment models

Glass door
All costs are visible. You pay service fee + salary for employees + direct taxes.
Rate Card
We have a fixed price per person per month, that includes all administrative fees and risks. You can find detailed information on our rate card. 
Hourly rate
You can choose the option of an hourly payment for each of your employees. Available to Managed geeks and 360 degrees solution.