5 Time Management Tips When You Work From Home

It’s increasingly high to be productive when you are working at home. Most of us are faced numerous issues when we are at home: kids, a life partner who doesn’t understand your work, home things, and, most importantly, laziness.

Unfortunately, handling everything is extremely hard. Nevertheless, it is possible. So, we decided to share some working (verified by us) tips for managing your time and not to become a crazy nut.

5 Tips to Handle Work from Home Crisis

  1. Create a to-do list.
    Unfortunately, your electronic devices and calendars will not work when you are at home. You can keep your work routines in electronic format, but some things should be shared with your household.
    So, it is time to recall your handwriting skills! Take a sheet of paper and a pen and craft a to-do list.
    Additionally, to your 6-8 hours working schedule, you need time for cooking, kids, shopping, rest, partner, cleaning, and other things you might need. Keep in mind that all this you had been doing during the week. You have not noticed that because it was your daily routine. But now it is changed.
    Share the list with your bellowed ones, maybe they will help you with some tasks, or add some new ones. These to-do lists are aimed to help you overcome the crisis, as well as make your relatives/kids/partner to understand that you might be busy even when you are at home.
  2. Create a schedule
    You are right. You have a set of tasks for yourself and your household, and you need to create a schedule based on them. Keep in mind that your partner might have a duty as well, so you should work on the schedule together, leaving time for things you love.
    Do not forget about your own rest time, and it is incredibly important these days when you cannot go for a walk, to the gym or shopping alone. Most of us are living in the apartments (except these lucky ones who owns the house), so it will be hard to find the place for yourself.
    If you have kids, they need to be aware of this schedule, and if they are old enough, they need to know that you need some time for yourself. As for lucky parents of infants and toddlers, try to develop a small plan for your household when you are spending an equal amount of time with a child so that others might have a bit of rest.
  3. Get up earlier
    It is not an issue for early birds, but if you are an owl, you are in trouble. Nevertheless, when you get up earlier, you have some time for yourself. You can prepare breakfast, exercise, or check an email.
    It is an excellent time to focus on your day plan, both work, and home tasks. Or you can read a book and have a coffee. Usually, when it’s early morning, you are alone, and you can give yourself a break.
  4. Declutter and organize
    Clutter creates stress and interrupts you from productivity. Your home and workplace should be organized and free of clutter. Spend some time to make sure your surroundings will not disturb your work.
    Your space and surroundings must be clean of things that you do not need. Try to put them where they belong and get rid of the ones you do not need at all.
  5. Pause and have a rest
    Tired workers, even from home, are never productive. Workaholics, in most cases, outburn, and you do not need to die in front of your monitor. A lot of companies decided to track their employees via skype and other means of communication. But it is not okay unless the work is done.
    Break your projects into small tasks and take a 10-15 minutes breaks every hour. It’s good to speak with your partner, have some tea or spend a remarkable time with your kid. Do something that does not work-related. If you are living alone, don’t waste this time in front of your monitor. There are things you can do without the internet or other means of communication.

We hope these easy-to-follow tips will help you to handle everything during these times. Stay safe, and we, at Efisco, wish you to be good during these hardest times!

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