8 tips to build a productive software development team nearshore

If you decided to create your software development team nearshore, you might face a lot of issues. And one of them is the hiring process. When building a powerful team, your primary goal is to hire an expert in the field which will fit your company’s culture and will be able to work efficiently with other team members.

And when you make up your mind to dive into nearshore development, you become even more puzzled. The remote hiring process is even more complicated since you cannot do face-to-face with each candidate.
Here are some tips to make building up your nearshore software development team smooth and well-thought.

Eight tips to building an effective software development team nearshore

1. Hire several senior developers.

When you are setting up a dedicated software development team, you need to have a foundation. One or two senior software developers is what you need. Of course, they are more experienced and knowledgeable, and most importantly, they will cost you more, but without them, it won’t work. Their skills, expertise, intuition, and strategic thinking will help your team to avoid most mistakes and get a better product.

2. Consider a team member’s personality, not just skills.

A team of geniuses will never build good software. Why? Because most geniuses are egocentric. You should fully understand that your team is not each member separately; it’s a mechanism which is aimed to work together and produce well-thought high-quality products. That’s why it’s good to look for the team players, rather than rock-star one-aloner.

3. Create a diverse team.

This passage is not about gender diversity rules or policies since there is no legislation about this in Eastern Europe. It is about the effectiveness of groups with both men and women. According to recent studies, such teams are more productive and innovative.

4. Trust your team.

If you set up a dedicated team, you valued the expertise these people have. Try to avoid over-managing them and give them some freedom to make decisions related to their work. Don’t manage every step, give them some freedom!

5. Supply your team with needed tools.

Ask your team members about the software and hardware they need for productive work. These tools will allow them to deliver work faster. Moreover, they won’t ask about anything that is not necessary

6. Create a reasonable working schedule.

Since you are among the ones making this decision, make sure that your team has a fair working schedule. Flexible hours without overtime and crazy deadlines is your primary goal. Your team should work comfortable and have enough time for any issue that might arise during development.

time, cost, quality of software development

7. Never save on skills improvement.

Your primary goal is not only hiring the best talent, but also provide growth opportunities to your staff. It’s worth investing in their development, whether it is an online course, books, subscription to educational resource, or tickets to the conference – it’s your goal to make sure your team members can build a better product using recent innovation. It’s good practice to dedicate some time in their working schedule to learning and self-improvement.

8. Don’t forget about QA.

Having a QA engineer in a team is a must. This person is aimed to avoid technical debt during the initial stages of software development and make sure that everything works correctly before the release. Also, QA engineer will make sure that your software product meets all the requirements and will help to boost the team efficiency by testing of the product during the development.

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