Is Node.js good for your project’s backend?

If the company serves millions of users, they want to make sure that all the systems are running smoothly. So, there is no interruption in the operations. Companies choose the languages and frameworks for backend development every day, considering the load their software would handle. Node.js is a popular choice for the backend development, but it is not the only framework out there.

There are thousands of websites and online services build with Node.js. That’s why we decided to find out if it is an excellent choice for the backend programming.  

What is Node.js?

Node.js or simple NJS is a Javascript framework and runtime environment that can execute JS code outside web browsers. It surpasses the everyday web user experience and can be used for server-side applications, software, and APIs. So that it can be used to build the backend.

Node.js was first showcased in 2009, and its inventor was Ryan Dahl. NJS is the framework that should have improved Apache’s limited connection capabilities. As a result, NJS quickly became the framework of relative ease, speed, and efficiency. 202

Primary advantages of Node.JS

The primary reason is its speed. NJS speed originates from the V8 engine’s capability to compile JS code into machine code and run near-instantly. Moreover, it is a scalable framework since it is possible to add nodes to existing systems quickly. 

In the age of budget shortening, businesses love this framework since a single JavaScript developer can efficiently work with frontend and backend tasks. Additionally, there is a big community behind it, so that there are regular stable updates. Furthermore, there is the OpenJS Foundation that is the primary goal to oversee the framework growth. 

What are the examples of Node.js projects?

The primary benefit that NJS gives to the developer is that it is cross-platform. As a result, it allows programmers to build for desktop, web, and mobile. As we mentioned before, Node.JS is used by millions of platforms, and even by innovation and technology giants like eBay, Uber, Netflix, PayPal, and Nasa.

Of course, suppose you are a little bit into technology. In that case, you will find some outdated JavaScript when accessing their services in a web browser. Still, you should know that behind the user interface is Node.js.

Is Node.js good for a backend development?

The answer is yes. Assume a developer has a piece of in-depth knowledge of JavaScript. In that case, it will be easier for him or her to drive into the framework without an issue. Here are the types of solutions where Node.js is an excellent fit:

  • Chatting systems. If NJS is deployed, it allows chats function as expected. Moreover, it is handling the massive traffic and providing fast delivery speed.
  • Streaming services. NJS enables users to download and upload data simultaneously.
  • Single-page applications. SPAs built with NJS can render pages on the server before this happens in the browser. As a result, the user sees the content faster.
  • Online games. NJS enables fast synchronization of data between the game client and server, allowing gamers to engage in multiple modes.
  • Rest APIs. NJS with Express JS empowers the creation of efficient, responsive, and lightweight APIs of this kind.

As you see, all these solutions that involve a large number of users and in need of quick responses might be developed with Node JS. And if you are looking for skillful Node.JS developers, contact the Efisco team, and we will give you this resource.

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