Scrum Master Training: 4 reasons to attend

Most people are not ready to spend a lot on their education, we all have a thing we want to get, and professional growth like attendance of Scrum master training is not always among our priorities. Most of us, even having a budget for PSM training, is not ready to pay for it.

Yet, the training’s attendance might be beneficial for career growth and give you valuable knowledge and help you get organized and effective. So, here are five reasons to attend Scrum Master Training:

1. Active learning

The grown-ups learn differently from kids. We learn by doing things. Of course, we can read all the guides and articles on Scrum, but we will never follow all the tips provided. Active learning allows implementing the concepts to practice. After the course, you will obey all Scrum ceremonies, like sprint planning, daily Scrum, sprint review, and others.

2. Clarity

When we are reading a book or a white paper, we do it with our own biases. We make assumptions about most things that might not be correct. So, the Scrum Guide’s interpretation differs from professional to professional since the people who wrote it left many things for the reader’s understanding. Scrum training is aimed to clarify all these things.

3. Peer Pressure

When we learn individually, we have many questions about many things. Of course, we all can Google for answers, but the interpretation might be different, as it said before. And if you are attending Scrum master training, your peers ask questions, share thoughts, and express their views encouraging you to do so. During training, you can clarify almost everything you could not understand.

4. Economic impact

PSM exam is not free. You need to pay for it even if you failed. Of course, if you do not have doubts about your knowledge, you can skip the training. However, if you fail, you need to pay $150 each time you decide to pass it. Moreover, training gives you even more value – you are getting all the materials and content for the course that is not available to the public.

As you see, PSM training is an excellent option to deepen your knowledge and get prepared for the examination.

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