Staff augmentation service – a trend aimed to solve the talent gap issue

Staff augmentation service became a trend in the technology market. More and more companies are hiring remote workers because of the COVID-19 pandemic and filling the talent gap that they are currently experiencing in their area. With years of experience in the software development market and following the outstaffing hiring model, the Efisco team helped dozens of clients by augmenting their technical teams with missing talent.

So, let us learn what staff augmentation service is and how it can help your company fill a talent gap with qualified and dedicated developers.

Staff augmentation service definition 

Staff augmentation service is an outsourcing strategy allowing you to hire tech talent globally and manage them directly. Moreover, you are choosing the candidates that fit your requirements and company culture and decide if you need to expand or cut your augmented team.

IT staff augmentation companies or simply vendors are helping you to add the best possible talent to your team on a short- or long-term basis. Staff employed by a vendor and vendor is in charge to make sure that these developers are fully dedicated to your project.

Reasons to choose staff augmentation:

  1. You already have a technical team working in your office, but you realize that to beat the competition, you need more resources. The cost of hiring local talent will be high, and you do not have such a resource in your pocket. Moreover, you cannot hire more people to your office due to the talent shortage and risks.
  2. You are building a tech product and need to add more engineers to your team. Yet, the tech stack is rare in your country, and you are searching for extending in other areas.
  3. You are working with an outsourcing agency, but this model doesn’t fit your needs. For example, you cannot communicate with your team directly or want the programmers to be your local team. With staff augmentation, your hired tech talent will follow the common goal with your in-house programmers.

To find out more reasons for building an augmented team check this article on Forbes.

Staff augmentation benefits 

Higher productivity 

Dedicated developers will work 100% of their time on your project, and outsourcing talent will handle another project as well. Moreover, augmented engineers are more loyal to your company and have a higher level of motivation.


With staff augmentation, you get access to a massive pool of developers, designers, QAs that is much bigger than your local one. Additionally, if you work with a staff augmentation vendor like Efisco, you will quickly replace or add new team members if needed since your vendor handles all such tasks. 

Cost Reduction 

Staff augmentation service has a very transparent cost and knows to be a cost-effective solution. Your vendor handles organizational and administrative expenses, like office, workstation, perks and other facilities. And you can focus on your main business activity without worrying about your team member’s comfort. 

Your team is more attractive 

Today, software engineers prefer working in product companies, and one of the ways is to be hired by a staff augmentation vendor. 

How to work with a staff augmentation vendor? 

  1. Pick the vendor that can supply you with the team located in a separate room and have their necessary facilities. 
  2. Make sure your augmented developers feel that they are part of your local team. For example, using the “windows to the client” method allows both teams to see each other through the installed in their room screen. 
  3. Ask your vendor to supply you with the pros who can assist you with the collaboration with your team—for example, local human resource managers who will help eliminate misunderstandings and issues in cooperation. 

If you are interested in other hiring models, it’s worth reading the article on remote hiring models on our blog. 

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