Top 17 project management methodologies — and how to pick the best for success

Choosing the right project management methodology for the job is essential. Our guide to evaluating project management methodologies will ensure you pick the perfect fit for your next project.

Choosing the right project management methodology for your team is the first step to success.

But with so many different — and in some cases, overlapping — approaches to managing the complexities of any given project, how can you know which project management methodology is best?

Project managers can assist their organizations in improving how they implement projects in an effective and efficient manner while reducing risks. But this requires more than recognizing organizational priorities. You need a deep understanding of how each project management methodology can have the greatest positive impact — and how each can derail your organization’s likelihood of success.

Here, we outline the most popular project management methodologies (PMMs) in practice today, comparing their focus and principles, and showing you how to evaluate which is best for your project and organization. Once developed, a process for evaluating and choosing the right project management methodology can be documented and repeated, enabling your organization to spend less time haggling over how to structure and manage your projects, and more time on achieving objectives and deliverables.

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