What is outstaffing? What will I get from an outstaffing company?

There are different types of outsourcing services out there, and one of them is outstaffing. Companies benefit from outsourcing and market growth each year. In 2019 the size of the global outsourcing market amounted to 92.5 billion U.S. dollars

Outstaffing model becomes even more popular than the standard outsourcing. This model allows companies to control their costs and enable them to become more flexible when it comes to software development. The primary benefit of the model is that you get full control over your resources and pay not for features or hours, but for a team member who is working on your project full time. 

What should I know about this hiring model?  

Outstaffing is a remote hiring model that is used mostly in information technology. Still, there are a lot of cases when construction, marketing, retail, and other industries benefit from this type of company-client relations.

The fundamental concept of outstaffing is that you have your dedicated team of professionals who are hired based on your needs and requirements. This team is focused on your project or projects only and operate from outstaffing company office where legal and all electronic appliances are taken care of.

Outstaffing company provides you with qualified resources and creates the required comfort and productive environment for them. As a result, you stay more focused on your project and requirements and efficiently run your remote department.

All the communication, including discussions, updates, phone calls, and other interactions, are direct, and you can rely on your team since they are hired by you only.

How does outstaffing work?

When you have signed an outstaffing contract, the company you are collaborating with is taking care of all legal, set up, and search processes. Moreover, you are getting help with the following procedures:

  • Recruiting. Your outstaffing partner select profiles of talented professionals, shortlists them during the first screening, conducting the technical interview and then after your approval/interview presenting offers to the finalists.
  • On-boarding. Your partner will set up a sitting space, development environments, provide all the tools needed for communication and tracking.
  • On-Going. Your partner will assist you with regular discussions, issues resolutions, project tracking, and other project-related things.

As you see, the outstaffing model of outsourcing is beneficial for running long-term projects. It allows creating your own departments nearshore by hiring talented staff. If you are looking for outstaffing services in Ukraine and Poland, contact Efisco

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