4 Trends in Software Development for Fall 2021


Integration of new technologies and the use of new software development best practices are the key to staying competitive and satisfying clients’ needs. Every year, new technologies are introduced and developed. It is evident, that following recent trends is a must for any company that playing to stay on the market.

The year 2020 influenced the development community, allowing new technologies to develop and enter the market. COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the market with new solutions and digitalization achievements that are continuing through 2021. Here are the top four trends in software development to watch this fall.

1. Artificial Intelligence is on the Top

Artificial Intelligence is a set of technologies allowing to handle massive volumes of data from customers to provide a better user experience. According to the McKinsey State of AI survey held in 2020, over 50% of respondents said that their companies are already implemented artificial intelligence in at least one function. Here are the top uses of AI in 2021:

  • Computer vision applications with cameras and data sensors allow monitoring of public environments. Such applications allow measuring social distancing in a post-pandemic environment with the help of artificial neural networks. 
  • With the help of predictive analytics and computing power, companies can locate prospective customers. AI algorithms allow companies to analyze their consumer base to find out their preferences.
  • Robotics is used to manage rule-based business operations in manufacturing, finance, and branding.

There are a lot of AI-powered apps and websites. Review websites platforms like Yelp, City Local Pro, and Trip Advisor use AI algorithms to detect spam and fake reviews, allowing present accurate review information to their users. In eCommerce, AI algorithms allow recommending consumers products that they are more interested in.  

2. Progressive Web Applications

Time matters. People don’t want to wait for a website or app to download – everyone is searching for rapid solutions. Progressive web applications can do this.

According to Forbes, PWA applications can boost user engagement by 137%. Since progressive web applications are faster to develop, they are among software development trends to watch this fall. 

Pinterest, Starbucks, and The Washington Post are among the companies that already adopted PWA technology. 

3. Cloud 

Most industries were severely harmed during COVID-19. Yet, cloud computing grew stronger. It became one of the emerging software development trends this year. According to Forrester global public cloud, IT infrastructure market will rise by 35% in 2021. So, it is an excellent idea to plan cloud migration if you had not yet. Moreover, cloud-native engineers are in great demand. 

4. IoT or Internet of Things

Internet of things is the use of internet-connected devices to everyday objects. More than 41 billion IoT devices will be on the planet by 2027 (Business Insider), which is five times more than in 2019. 

IoT devices allow the collection and processing of a massive volume of data and transport it across networks. Right now, healthcare organizations and companies that work remotely are using IoT technologies. With the COVID-19, the need for cutting-edge IoT solutions grew significantly. 

Moreover, people use IoT wearable devices to monitor their health and provide up-to-date information to their healthcare providers. These solutions made it possible for doctors to monitor their patient’s conditions in real-time and provided needed treatment with less contact. 

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