The Most Used Cross-Platform Framework or Where to Hire Flutter App Developers

Flutter framework brings a lot of opportunities in cross-platform mobile app development. With exceptional popularity among developers and businesses, many companies seek to hire Flutter app developers to bring new feature-rich mobile applications to the market.

Introduced by Google in 2017, Flutter has become the number one choice for building mobile applications. The primary reason for this is faster time-to-market since Flutter uses one single code base for all platforms. According to the Statista Report, over 42 % of developers use Flutter to build applications.

What makes Flutter so popular among developers? 

Before Google introduced Flutter in May 2017, native application developers were restricted to one platform. That means that they needed to develop for Android and iOS separately. Of course, cross-platform mobile app development is not a new thing, but frameworks that existed before were limited with tools, and developers couldn’t deliver an app for all platforms using one code base. Flutter changed it. It became possible to build native applications for all platforms without spending time on changes to make the app work everywhere.

Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021

Moreover, Flutter provided developers with all tools and information they needed. There is a growing and active community, plenty of information and free-to-use frameworks. Many developers switched to Flutter from React Native, Xamarin and other popular SDKs.

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is more than just another framework (even if it is referred to so). It is an open-source UI SDK created for cross-platform development, i.e. for the creation of applications that are compatible with several operating systems. That makes Flutter cost-efficient since your development team doesn’t need to create separate code for each OS.

In addition, Flutter has an architecture that allows accelerated rendering, making development quicker. Flutter is ideal for designing user-friendly applications that have an excellent user-in-app experience.

Why to hire Flutter developers? 

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Initially, Flutter was introduced for the Android platform, yet, the main goal of the technology was to fit all platforms. So, with the updates, Google reached the primary goal, and it became possible to create iOS and web applications using Flutter. In 2022, Flutter became available for all desktop OSes: Linux, macOS and finally, Windows. In addition, the embedded strategy roadmap was announced, so soon, the technology will fit embedded development needs.

As mentioned before, with rapidly growing and supported by the Google community, Flutter sets trends in the app development market. So here are the reasons to hire Flutter developers:

  • You need to avoid the limitations of Xamarin and React Native.
  • You want to simplify the development process.
  • You would like to increase productivity.
  • Your wish to save resources.

And if you decide to hire a Flutter app developer, you need to learn more about their skills and area of expertise. And Efisco is here to help you.

How to hire Flutter Developers for your company? 

Flutter is a relatively new technology; as a result, you cannot divide developers into junior (1+ years of experience), middle (3+ years of experience) and senior (5+ years of experience) with Flutter SDK. Nevertheless, you can set realistic requirements for the developer you plan to hire. It’s essential to note that with Flutter, it is possible to apply various app development approaches from other frameworks and SDKs. Here is an average market requirement for hiring a proficient Flutter app developer:

  • 3+ years of experience in mobile application development,
  • 1+ year of experience with Dart programming language,
  • Familiarity with one of the following sets of programming languages: Java and Kotlin (Android), React Native (hybrid) and Objective-C and Swift (iOS),
  • Knowledge of Flutter SDK, Visual Studio code, IntelliJ and Android Studio,
  • MySQL, SQL Lite and PostgreSQL databases, REST APIs,
  • Experience with Git and Jira,
  • Familiarity with Agile development approaches.

Additionally, Flutter app developers need to be adaptable and able to stay tuned with the recent updates to the technology. Flutter develops rapidly, so readiness for updates and improvements is the main requirement for Flutter programming.

Here are the duties of Flutter app development whom you would like to hire:

  • Development of application using Flutter SDK,
  • Requirements analysis,
  • Architecture planning,
  • Documentation writing,
  • Testing,
  • Maintenance and support,
  • Functionality expansion.

Among the soft skills you need to be looking into is communication. Your Flutter app development team should act as a whole, delivering excellent applications that solve your business challenges and meet the market’s demands.

Where to find Flutter app developers for hire? 

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The Flutter app developers’ community is growing, so among the popular destinations to look for Flutter developers are the USA, Europe, Brazil, China and India. It can be easily explained by the vast IT hubs located in these areas. And since today’s technology allow us to build apps from anywhere, the choice of the location should be weighted considering the pros and cons of these development hubs.

So, let’s find out the pros and cons of hiring Flutter developers at these locations:


Pros: No time differences if you are in the USA, high-quality services and easy to collaborate.

Cons: Talent availability, very high rates

Unfortunately, the US development market has a shortage of IT workforce. It is harder to hire Flutter app developers here compared with other locations. Of course, the US developers provide high-quality service and are familiar with different business aspects. Yet, the rates here are the highest.


Pros: excellent quality services, reasonable prices, similar culture

Cons: talent availability varies by country

Western European developers are similar to the US ones. This part of the continent often lacks qualified talent, so businesses are using outsourcing and outstaffing services. Eastern European countries like Poland, Ukraine and Romania are well-known software development services hubs.


Pros: large talent pool, low costs

Cons: Quality of services, business processes, time and culture differences, communication skills

India is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations since it offer the service at the lowest costs. However, many improvements are needed in changing business processes and quality of service improvements. Many US and European companies notice gaps in communication and culture.


Pros: a growing number of developers, good services

Cons: legal processes, high development rates, cultural and time differences

China has an excellent developers’ community and is known to have attentive and nice work with IT talent. Yet, due to legal limitations, Chinese developers usually work on local projects. Only a few Asian countries outsource to China.


Pros: low-rates, new outsourcing destination

Cons: business and legal processes, communication issues

Brazil is a growing IT hub with an increasing number of Flutter app developers. The US companies often choose Brazil due to geographical proximity. Yet, Brazil remains risky due to local legal regulations and poorly developed organizational workflow.

Hire Flutter developers in Easter Europe 

While going through the pros and cons of each destination, we concluded that Eastern Europe is an excellent place for finding Flutter app developers. Here are the benefits of hiring Flutter developers in such countries as Poland and Ukraine:

  • Business regulations. Both countries have excellent transparent legislation for IT companies, so hiring Flutter developers here will be easy.
  • Talent availability. Each country hosts over half a million of talented and qualified specialists in different areas. They have a vast talent pool of Flutter app developers as well.
  • Geographical proximity. Western European companies prefer to develop nearshore. As for the US, Eastern Europe is an excellent destination because of the minimal hours’ overlap.
  • Cultural compatibility. It influences communication a lot, and similar culture makes it easier to understand each other.
  • Service cost. Easter European hourly rates are much lower than in Western Europe and the US, and it doesn’t influence the quality of the product. Here Flutter app development rate starts from $45 per hour (compared to $75 per hour in the US and $70 in Western Europe).  

To Sum Up

Flutter is not only a mobile app development environment but also expanding to the web, desktop and even embedded development areas. The relatively easy-to-learn and switch Flutter and Dart programming languages have a communicative development community and excellent tools for building various software projects.

The choice of Flutter as a mobile app development technology opens many possibilities to the business. Yet, finding and hiring Flutter developers might be challenging in certain locations. You can easily overcome this challenge with companies like Efisco, which helps to hire Flutter developers in Eastern Europe. 

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