Tips for hiring a skillful .NET developer

Today, there are hundreds of technologies you can use for your next project. And it is tough to choose the one that fits your needs. Nevertheless, if you are here, you might be interested in .Net.

.NET is a famous programming framework by Microsoft. The .Net developers can create different types of applications like mobile, web, desktop, and even more with numerous programming languages.

In other words, the dotNet is a collection of utilities and libraries that are compiled into one framework. The primary language of .Net is C#. The main benefit of hiring a .NET developer is the reduction of time to the creation of applications. With this framework, the developer can simply and securely build almost any kind of software. 

While other frameworks are losing their popularity, the .NET introduced in 2002 is used in thousands of software products. 

What is the .NET framework? 

The .NET framework consists of CLR (Common Language Runtime) and FCL (Framework Class Library). Management of memory and assistance in the execution of threads and code are handled by CLR. Also, it verified code safety with the help of its type-and-code-verification infrastructure called CTS (common type system). Additionally, it helps to remove fragmented memory and enhance memory performance. 

The FCL is a set of class libraries that are used to execute a common function. These functions include graphics rendering, database interaction, and many more. In this case, the .NET developer can speed up a development process by letting FCL accomplish some daily programming tasks. 

As a result, by hiring a .NET developer, your company can save time and, most importantly, get the same results with less code. You can also benefit from a .NET developer during deployment. The framework provides such features as side-by-side versioning and controlled code sharing. It allows making sure that there are fewer conflicts during deployment and versioning. 

.NET is the right choice for the creation of cross-platform applications. It can be used across different languages and platforms. .NET is a language-independent framework, which means your developer can be an expert in C++, C#, and even more, rather than limited to one. dotNET coders can handle the development of desktop, mobile, web, browser, or even PDA apps. 

Another advantage of .NET is that it integrates with legacy systems, processes all types of XML docs, and writes any file format. 

Hire a .NET developer if you need the following: 

  • Fast software with less code.
  • Speedy projects creation
  • Enhanced security of your product. 

How to hire a .NET developer? 

The process of hiring a .NET developer doesn’t much differ from hiring any developer you might need for a project. 

Here are the steps you should follow: 

  1. Outline where you will be searching for the developer. It can be a job board, freelance website, LinkedIn, or any other platform. 
  2. Craft a clear and detailed job description. 
  3. Create a list of interview questions. These are both technical and psychological ones. 
  4. Prioritize soft and hard skills for that person.
  5. Create test tasks to make sure that the person you choose has enough skills. MCSD can help you with that 
  6. Search for .NET developers, either on-site or remote ones. 

.NET framework is a popular solution today. It provides enhanced security, faster development, hassle-free deployment, and even more. It is widely used for the update of legacy software. Yet, it is not easy to find the right .NET developer for your company. And if you are stuck with that, the team is ready to help you. 

We have a vast pool of talented .NET developers from Ukraine and Poland who are eager to start working on your project. Our company set-ups dedicated teams for four years already, and the .NET framework is among our strengths.  

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