Top 5 Programming Languages of 2021

The technology stack used for one goal was replaced with another more secure, fast, and easy to develop during the past years. A good example is Flash that is dead now and was successfully replaced by HTML 5. As a result, companies are using the technologies that will stay here for long, and knowing which programming languages are in trend is a good idea.

Picking the right language for your next project is the first step you need to make. But how to act when the choice is comprehensive cannot rely on the offers from various software agencies and pros. Each language has its uses and benefits your project, yet you cannot make the right choice without knowing what they all about.

Here are the top 5 programming languages of 2021.

1. JavaScript.

Not looking at the fact that JavaScript is above the tenth place in TIOBE rankings, it is the most popular programming language globally. According to Stack Overflow, it is the most popular language among the developers. It is used by Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Uber, and other world-famous giants.

Today, JavaScript offers dozens of libraries you can use to develop front end, back end, mobile apps, websites, and so on. JS is perfect for SPA websites, cross-platform applications, dynamically updating systems, and systems where the UI is a top priority. JavaScript will be #1 in 2021 and the next years.

2. Python

According to RedMonk Ranking, Python outranks Java and is the second popular programming language in the world. During the past five years, it grew by 19% and is in the top three on the platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow. We use Python to develop trendy niches like AI and ML.  

Yet, the primary reason for this language’s popularity is the ease of learning and usage. We use it for web development, software development, data science, etc. Python offers many features like library support, easier integration with other languages, automatic garbage collection, GUI programming support, and many more. There are a lot of frameworks serving different needs. These are Flask, Django, Pyramid, etc.

3. C and C++

These software development pioneers are still occupying a considerable part of technology innovations and are still at the top 5 of many rankings. Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, Nvidia are using these languages for their development needs.

C is the general-purpose, procedural programming language that is used in the development of operating systems, kernel development, and others. C++ is an object-oriented programming language used in game development, desktop and GUI apps, and other similar fields.

4. Java

Unfortunately, Java is losing its charm, yet it is still one of the most widely used programming languages in the tech world. There are about 8 million java developers who support their development.

Java is an object-oriented programming language that follows the Write Once Run Anywhere principle. That means that Java code can be executed almost anywhere without recompilation. Android, web, and software development are the areas where Java can be used. Amazon, Adobe, and Flipkart are using Java in their projects.

Java offers colossal community support, several famous and efficient frameworks like Spring and Hibernate, and unique features like automatic memory allocation & garbage collection, multithreading, platform independence, and many others. 

5. Kotlin 

In case you are into Android app development – Kotlin is the first language you should consider. Today, it is a preferred language for app development (according to Google)

Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language that supports both object-oriented and functional programming features. It supports all Java libraries and easy to learn. Additionally, you can use it for the creation of web and desktop applications. Pinterest, Netflix, and Uber use Kotlin for their development needs. 

 Of course, we covered only five programming languages that will rule in 2021. There are many more out there, each serving definite niches. Having the right technology stack for your project might lead to several benefits. One of them is no need to change the technology when it becomes a legacy. 

It’s essential to note that it’s an excellent idea to consider an outstaffing model instead of the in-house team when deciding to start a project. 

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