Top 8 reasons to outstaff software development in 2021

We are living in a changing world where you cannot be sure what happens tomorrow. The world is still striving for the COVID-19 pandemic, and companies are looking for ways to reduce expenses to stay on the market during a crisis.

Although we all rely on technology, digital transformation is still booming this year and competitive. You need to follow the path of your competitors. Yet, not all companies can afford to have their own in-house IT department, that’s why they are considering moving some operations abroad.

Due to security reasons and the low reliability of some outsourcing destinations, more and more companies are rolling into outstaffing or staff augmentation services. According to the Robert Half Talent Solutions report 96% of business leaders are challenged in finding local tech talent. So, let us dig into the reasons why more and more businesses are building their own R&D centers in such countries as Poland or Ukraine.

Reason 1

Lower labor and operational costs are among the main reasons businesses choose the outstaffing model. When the staff augmentation partner is reliable and professional, a company can save more on having an IT department working from an outstaffing site.

Reason 2

Businesses are choosing to outstaff their IT. They can be more focused on their business processes and digital transformation rather than maintaining in-house departments.

Reason 3

Outstaffing enables businesses to get access to the talent that is not available in their area.

Reason 4

Freeing up internal resources allows to put them into effective use for other purposes.

Reason 5

Outstaffing allows you to save time and costs and have a buffer capital fund that you can leverage to gain more profits.

Reason 6

By delegating HR and maintenance to staff augmentation agencies, companies may focus on more essential tasks their technical department should process.

Reason 7

Staff augmentation helps companies to minimize risks that are available in the local area.

Reason 8

Outstaffing helps companies re-organize, revise, and upgrade their technologies cost-effectively while ensuring that their clients are satisfied with the service provided.

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